Lisa Cobb, Client Support Coordinator. Lisa is probably who you will talk to when you call with questions or to make an appointment. She will greet you when you get here and get you started on your paperwork.


Carla Clayton, Counseling Services Coordinator/Nurse Manager. Carla will help you with your pregnancy testing and ask a few medical questions before she introduces your client advocate. She oversees all of the volunteer advocates and nurses and substitutes for them when needed.


Michelle Henry, Data Entry Coordinator. You will probably meet Michelle when you come for your ultrasound. When she isn’t assisting our sonographers, she makes sure that all of our client information is accurately recorded in our database.


Warene Coney, Education Services Coordinator. You will meet Warene if you register for classes. She will explain what classes are offered at what times and help you decide which ones to take throughout your pregnancy. Warene oversees all of the volunteer teachers and substitutes when needed. She is also a client advocate.


Laura McDowell, Coordinator of Volunteer Services. Laura makes sure that we have enough volunteers to help with all of the Center’s needs. She is also the Center photographer and a client advocate.


Deb Upp, Office Administrator. Deb takes care of all the daily details of the Center, making sure the bills are paid, supplies are stocked, and all of our records are kept up to date. She also oversees the Mommy Store.


Kristie Wright, Executive Director. Kristie oversees the staff and all other Center operations.