What Does it Mean to be a Parent?

Parenting can be a scary prospect, even those who planned to become pregnant. Lots of thoughts are likely going through your mind about the physical, emotional and financial realities of having a child. An unexpected pregnancy can cause even more stress. We want you to know that someone experiencing an unplanned pregnancy is just as capable of being an effective parent as anyone else.

Providing your child with a strong support system is one of the keys to successful parenting. Of course, as the parent, support starts with you, and you choose how to build your own support system. We recognize that not everyone has a strong support system already in place or the skills to develop one. There are other factors that might cause you to consider whether or not you are ready to parent:

  • Your partner is not ready to have a child
  • You suspect your family will not be supportive
  • A child would complicate things with your education or job
  • You do not have enough financial stability
  • You feel you are too young

1st Choice can help you work through these issues, and provide support and answers to your questions. Becoming a parent is a massive decision, and it is important that you are as informed as possible. We are here to listen and help you think through your options. Please schedule an appointment today.